I introduced a 5 step retrospective to this group. I was thinking this is gonna blow their minds!

But it did not.

This group didn’t really like it. They kept mentioning how much they liked their 3 column (whack-a-mole I might add) approach.

I think that approach--discussing topics for about 2 minutes and asking is there any action item--was leading to premature convergence (jumping to conclusions) and pattern entrainment (in retros we must fix the items in the sad column).

What worked for that group was the feedback from a 5 min anonymous + and DELTA on their retrospective. After a couple of sessions they realized that if all it took was a 2 minutes discussion on a topic they could tackle that during the week (ie. after daily standup or stand down) rather than clog their retros with lots of business as usual topics.

Retro would then be open to deeper discussions.