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Enrico Teotti
Principle 12 Initiative Steward
Asked a question 2 years ago

What are you hopes for this initiative?

What’s a question you hear commonly asked about retrospectives? Where does that question typically lead you?

Isaac Garcia
Director of Community and Retrospective Evangelist at Retrium

Right now I think I hope that more people will come join the conversation. 

This is a valuable topic and there doesn't seem to be a lot of movement in this space. I hope more people will discover it, discover the need to discuss it, and join the conversation. 

Thanks to those who keep this going. Fight the good fight! 

My most fervent wish for this initiative is that it leads to more open and honest reflection about the state of the retrospectives we're currently involved with, the extent to which retrospectives are delivering on their promise of being an engine for continuous improvement, and sharing of ideas on things we can do to help bring that promise of continuous improvement closer to reality.