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Asked a question 2 years ago

How do you help the team incorporate beneficial changes and stop dysfunction?

What’s a question you hear commonly asked about retrospectives? Where does that question typically lead you?

Isaac Garcia
Director of Community and Retrospective Evangelist at Retrium

First of all, don't impose the changes. 

Lead the team in understanding their challenges and in the discovery of benefit from experiments. Start with the smaller items the team feels comfortable taking responsibility to change and make the experiment, the results, and the benefit clear to all as the team owns the change.

As for stopping dysfunction, that is a larger challenge. Don't confuse conflict with dysfunction. If the team is truly struggling with anti-patterns, then helping them to identify and define experiments is a worthy effort. 

I will say again, don't impose changes. It isn't up to you to fix the team. You are the team coach. The solution lies within the team. Guide them in self-discovery until they realize their own power to improve.